Welcome to the Woodside Care Precinct, East Fremantle.

We hope you enjoy finding out more about our plans to transform the Dalgety Street site, including the historic Woodside House (the former maternity hospital), that has laid dormant and degrading for more than 15 years, into a welcoming aged care precinct.

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Meeting local needs

A complete community has spaces and places for people to age but, currently, there is a dire shortage of aged care in East Fremantle and surrounding suburbs.

Right now, about 36 per cent of people over 65 who need residential care, cannot access it locally. That’s more than 230 people who will have to move away from their family, friends, and familiar places as they grow older and need more support.

And that number is growing, year by year.

Census figures show the number of people in the East Fremantle community over 65 has grown from 14 per cent of the population to 20.5 per cent in 10 years, and that pattern is repeated in Fremantle and Bicton/Palmyra, where the number of over 65s has now grown to 20 per cent of the population.

The Woodside Care Precinct will help address the shortage of aged care now, and into the future.

“I will be looking for aged care in the future – as a neighbour, we will need somewhere to go.” 
Community Engagement Report
Meeting local needs

The Heart of East Fremantle

The Town of East Fremantle was created in 1897 and, just a year later, it had its own football club, the East Fremantle Sharks.

But it’s known for much more than its fierce football rivalry with the Bulldogs – East Fremantle is a place of history and heritage, home to an eclectic, multi-generational community and host to the fabulous George Street Festival.

The Town’s mix of picturesque old workers cottages, many of which have been beautifully renovated, through to large, gracious homes and sophisticated riverside properties has always been home to a great community. It’s somewhere people don’t want to leave.

The Woodside Care Precinct will provide a home for more people to stay in the local community they love and the historic Woodside House will be respectfully restored and protected.

The Precinct will be set well back on a one-hectare lot at 18 Dalgety Street – a site that has laid dormant and degraded for more than 15 years.


Woodside Care Precinct

East Freo Bowls Park

Swan River

East Fremantle town centre

Canning Highway

Listening to community

Leading aged care provider, Hall & Prior has updated its plans for a major new health and aged care development on the former Woodside Maternity

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